Sunday, February 20, 2011

making babies

Producing an album is like creating life. Except in this example life is music (because music is life).

Wait...what do you

ANYWAYS, we are still in the process of making our third album. A lot of great stuff got done this past weekend with the help of friends and family. And you KNOW it's always nice to have friends and family supporting you and rootin' you on while your making a baby.

Joe Gac moved to Woodstock for 65 hours. Evan got a nap. Jared left for a little while to go play with his buddies at the bar down the road. We had a 'burning man' moment in the wee hours of Sunday morn. and then Ryan pops in outta nowhere. But we just call that a weekend 'round here.

Look. If that didn't make any sense to you let me spell it to you this way. There's 3 steps to making a record:
1. Record it.
2. Mix/Master/Replicate it
3. Release it.

We're oh so close to finishing step 1. Most of you won't hear it until step 3. Some of you might be lucky enough to hear it during step 2. And I'm sure the rest of you won't realize we have a new record until Step 4 - sell off old equipment to make another record/write new songs.

upcoming shows

We'll be sure to call you if anything important happens.


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