Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharp Toys and Other Objects Easily Choked On


This has been a whirl-wind of a year getting our new album 'Kid Scissors' recorded. It took us 9 months of tracking and 3 months of mixing, as well as a handfull of set-backs and rewinds. Thankfully, it is now in pressing and we can wipe our hands clean of the production aspect. Joe Gac engineered it and KD Creager once again lent her amazing talents for the artwork. We are making 500 shiney 180 gram vinyl discs, and I must emphasize that NOTHING sounds quite like a record. After spending months listening to digital mixes, analog is like a wool blanket instead of a shitty worn cotton one.

We also released a CD single for "The City Wins', a slip-case with 2 b-sides that won't be on the album. You can download the tracks here if you'd like. Or e-mail us and we will send you a real life hard copy!

Track Listing:
The City Wins
Ghost Town

There will also be an extra track on the CD version and digital download of the full length that will not be on the 12" vinyl. We are excited to have all these new songs for you all to listen to. I feel this record has a more "ballroom" vibe than our others. We also had some friends join us on some songs, which was a great experience. The official release date is 11-11-11, and there will be a small tour around Illinois and surrounding cities that weekend.

Here is the cover!

Track Listing:
Lightning Bugs
My Back Yard
Go and Leave
The City Wins
Coolest Dudes (and The Birthday Girl)
Sugar Cane
Where Have You Bendorf? (All My Life?)
Cheap Heat
Waltz III
Sand Naps
When You Were A Bore
(Off)- digital and CD only

Relix will be featuring us in their "On The Verge" section in December as well as putting "The City Wins" on 100,000 compilations sold world-wide. It is very exciting they want to print us cause they've hyped and helped awesome bands such as My Morning Jacket and The Flaming Lips. We are also planning a meaty 2-week tour U.S. in the summer of 2012. I will keep you all posted on this. Until then, check out our facebook page for constant updates as well as

Later dudes,


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  1. stoked to see the bendorf family name on this record haha. congrats dudes, can't wait for the release!