Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Crimes and Seasonal Depression

Hello and Happy New Year from the darkest depths of the Illinois winter. It has been snowing consistently since December 1st, the roads have been shit ($8,000 black ice damage to the pickup truck), and I haven't seen the sun in about 7 days. On a lighter note, we are in the midst of creating our 3rd album (still untitled) with Joe Gac. So far we have tracked instruments in 4 different locations, making Joe just drag his computer by a string. We were able to use a really old antique piano on this recording which is exciting for us. I'm pretty sure an Elephant died to make it, cause the keys are real ivory. Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo will be guest-appearing to do all of the percussion, he is a unique talent and we are honored to have him contribute. We are planning on this to be a early summer release on Cassette Deck. It will hopefully be pressed into vinyl. We are crossing the fingers and dotting our eyes.

Here are the songs we are recording. titles are subject to change.

Sand Naps
When You Were A Bore
Coolest Dudes (and The Birthday Girl)
Cheap Heat
The City Wins
Go and Leave
How Have You Bendorf?
Cold in The D
My Backyard
Waltz III
Lightning Bugs

We have a show at the end of this month at Pancho's (right by the California blue-line stop in Logan Square). It's gonna be a banger, we have our buddies Prussia and Swell Suburbia joining us, as well as This Piano Plays Itself from Atlanta, and Community College. We are very excited for this one and will be playing a lot of new songs. Check out the sweet hand-drawn poster Emmy May created!

Wait a minute....what's going on? -Jared

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  1. I didn't know there was an e-gun blog! Woot woot! And hey, I don't think I have the 2nd album, which is just wrong. How can I get a copy?
    Come visit some time, bring the band, we have an amphitheater, and the squirrels love live shows!
    Much love from the mama in the woods.