Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The 2nd album, Summer Tour, and more shows...

We have come up with the title and layout to our next album! We're not telling anybody anything about anything yet. The lucky few who have heard this recording all have said that they prefer this one to our last one (KP). So, that's good news, right?

The goal is to have this album ready for the masses before we hit the road in late June.

We are planning on a tour for late June and could use help.

Here's what we're thinking:
Fri, Jun 19- Detroit, MI
Sat, Jun 20- Buffalo/Syracuse/Rochester,NY (somewheres, please help)
Sun Jun 21- Boston,MA (please help)
Mon Jun 22- New York, NY (please help)
Tue Jun 23- Philadelphia, PA (please help)
Wed Jun 24- Washington D.C. (please help)
Thu Jun 25- Columbus/Dayton/Cincinnati, OH (please help)
Fri Jun 26- Bloomington/ Indianapolis, IN (please help)
Sat Jun 27- Bloomington/Normal, IL

this is all tentative for now. if you can help out in ANY way possible please let us know, it would mean a lot to us.



March 7th- Ronny's....Chicago, IL
March 26th Reggie's...Chicago, IL
April 4th Gasthaus......Elgin, IL
April 11 Speakeasy.....Chicago, IL
May 2nd (TBA)
May 8th Morseland.....Chicago, IL

As always, don't forget to check out our myspace page, facebook page, this blog, our shows, and our drummer's long legs.


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  1. Y'all,
    If you are headin' south this summer towards Nashville, stop in Louisville, please. Thinking of you always.
    Your biggest fan :)