Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our album is done being recorded...for the most part. We still need to add keys. No word on when this thing will be ready for you to listen. (Maybe by late spring?)

We have shows coming up where you will get to hear most of these new songs:

Thursday, February 5th- The Whistler Chicago, IL

Saturday, March 7th- Ronny's Chicago, IL
(Jon Drake will be performing with his band at Ronny's. If you ask Jon, Jim, Jared, or Paul for a Don Russian reunion that night we will reply with either: a.) no or b.) how much money do you got on you in cash, and maybe we'll play 2 songs for your cash)

Thursday, March 26th- Reggie's Chicago, IL

Saturday, April 4th- Gasthaus Elgin, IL

Hope to see you at one of the shows (or all of them, yeah, mainly all of them, i hope to see you at all of the shows...I hope to see you outside of the shows...I hope to see you tomorrow...What are you doing tomorrow?


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