Saturday, January 24, 2009

The new album is coming along just peachy

mmmm, delicious peaches.

I'm sitting next to a markerboard, it's 11:30pm on saturday, january 24th. The sound of a marimba clicks and clacks near me. I am being photographed. A Bear calls out in the night. Ryan is playing super nintendo. This is a studio. An album is being recorded. Elephant Gun returns to the studio to record their follow up to 2008's KP.

I can safely say that this record will sound different from our first one. The presence of a dead spirit, possibly locked in a garage, is amongst us. Snow Monkeys. This record has an earthy quality to it. Not unlike human-animal consensual coitus on top of a deceased animal.

A cat strikes my fancy whilst we canoodle on a dead bear.

The plan is to finish recording the record on Sunday. In less than 24 hours I will be:

1. naked
2. starving
3. drunk
4. listening to rough mixes of the new ElephantGun record!


Looking for the following items:
Coffee Cups
Garbage Bags
Hot Wings

We love our fans and we can't wait to release our new material!


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