Saturday, March 13, 2010

F.A.Q.s by Imaginary People on our Current Global Position

Elephant Gun 3/13/10

Hey friends, it's been a while since I caught everyone up on the whimsical world of Elephant Gun. Here are some F.A.Q.s, asked by imaginary people, about our current position on the globe.

1. I've seen some new faces, who are they?
Amy had to leave the band for personal reasons. We were very saddened by this and still love her and miss her to death. I was very concerned about finding another violinist who would fit in as well as Amy did until Jim Drake introduced miss Katie Bendorf. Katie is a professional violinist from Harvard, IL. who's been teaching and gigging her whole life. She is the biggest sweetheart ever and fit right in with our crazy circus.. You may also be noticing a very good looking man on saxophone by the name of Justin Past. Justin played all the sax on 'Beartime Stories' and has been a friend of mine since 8th grade. He is also a music teacher for the Chicago school system and a stand-up guy!

2. Tour this summer?
We are working on a 4-5 day thing, hopefully down south towards Nashville, maybe as far as Texas. It's all in the works and very loosely put together right now.

3. New music?
We have been hard at work on 12 new songs in the basement and will be debuting a couple new ones at Morseland in Roger's Park towards the end of the month. We are very excited.The songs should hit the studio early summer.

4. Who is doing all that amazing artwork these days?
The very talented Mary Charlene

5. Press?
We were recently featured in the critics choice section of The Reader and we will be featured on Susan Schaumberg's internet radio program, 'Indiesomnia' soon, this includes a pretty ridiculous interview we did backstage at The Bottom Lounge.

6. Upcoming shows?
As I mentioned before, we will be debuting some new songs at Morseland on March 26th (21+). Sam Swinson from Ohtis is opening this show and will (hopefully) be playing some of his new songs as well. We also have a really amazing supporting slot for Those Darlins and Deertick on April 8th at The Bottom Lounge (17+). I'm so razzed by this cause Those Darlins are one of my favorite bands right now. They put on an amazing rock show and you should seriously consider going.

Thank you to all of you for being so supportive lately. The party just seems to get crazier and more insane with each show. We love you and couldn't do this without you. Personally, I'm ready for some badass springtime thunderstorms Take good care and pet a puppy today.


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  1. Hey I saw you guys play at that street fest on Milwaukee avenue. You know the street fest with no one there. I liked what you guys did. You should get a bandcamp page so you can post streams. I don't work for them or anything. Just saying. Good luck to you.